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Linda Rodgers and I took Thundercloud for a walk. He had been breeding with Lil Bit that week, and he didn’t want to leave his view of the ladies. He hummed and tried to turn back, pulling hard on the lead rope. Before breeding season, he had relished hiking, but it held no charms for […]

Penelope found Renny to be extraordinary in the reach of her mind and living less fully in her body than other llamas did. That fit my sense of reality too. Renny was always watching everything, with intense curiosity. “Would TEAM help her be in her body more?” I asked. TEAM was a method of working […]

We went in the house for some tea, welcome after being out in the spring winds. As dusk fell, Penelope continued with Cider, our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. She told us that Cider was quite an incredible being who had adventures on other levels of consciousness. Then she turned her attention to Teddy Bear, our Australian […]

But what else to do? I called Penelope, but the line was busy. I kept dialing her number, and finally Penelope answered. I described the situation a little. “I get something in the small intestine or first part of the large intestine,” she said. “Actually her whole digestive tract is upset. And there’s a constriction, […]

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