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Training a llama to accept a halter consists of a series of moves that you do, generally in slow motion so as not to alarm the llama. Here you see a series of photographs which I took from our DVD, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith.  The photo quality isn’t ideal on a few of them, […]

This popular book can be read online, downloaded as a free ebook, or purchased. It’s the story of Rosana and Kelly Hart as they learn about llamas, with facts.

PLEASE NOTE THIS ISN’T AVAILABLE NEW FROM US ANY MORE, BUT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND A USED COPY. Can you handle your llamas? It’s a great feeling to know that in an emergency, or anytime, you can work with your llamas.  Llama training gives you this confidence. Or–if you don’t have llamas but […]

“Levi is running by the fence,” Sally Taylor said. “He has a large spot on his leg–that’s how you can tell him from Balzac.” Both young llamas were creamy white with dark spots, like chocolate chip ice cream. I found it hard to believe that they were only two weeks old. Their ears moved in […]

When the van finally came up our driveway, Kelly grinned and held up two fingers. Then I saw the two woolly heads. After hugs and hellos, we coaxed our new llamas out of the van by tugging on the lead ropes attached to their halters. The light breeze lifted their fuzzy wool, and the late […]

We were living with llamas now, and our attention was riveted on these fascinating additions to our family. Excitement alternated with wondering what we’d gotten into; what commitment not yet fully understood had been made? It was, of course, much less of a commitment than being new parents; we could always sell the llamas. But […]

It was several hours, mostly on freeways, to our place. Posey continued her questioning hums; I answered by telling her about Levi, Tumbleweed, and all the fine llama babies she would have. Now and then I turned around, and we rubbed noses. Posey moved around sideways until she was looking out the back window. I […]

As we came to know her, we realized what a very different personality Posey had from the males. Where they were placid, she was temperamental. Where Levi would walk right up to anything he wanted to investigate, Posey would go back and forth. Where Tumbleweed was aloof until caught, she was flighty. Where the males […]

Llamas just weren’t teddy bears. They didn’t crave the human touch the way many dogs and cats did. Aside from touching noses, llamas touched each other rarely. When they did, it was in fighting or breeding, or it was a mother with a baby. They jostled at the feeding station, but snuggling up was not […]

One wintry day, our veterinarian came out on a farm call. The llamas were due for worming and inoculating. We had meant to do it in the fall, but kept putting it off until we decided whether to geld Levi. Gelding was said to make a male llama more tractable, and since large Levi didn’t […]

Two days later, I went down to the males’ barn just as a fine rain stopped. Levi, Romeo, and Poco were dry; Shadow’s wool was wet. He had been out pacing the fence where he could see Posey. I took him for a walk, but he was too upset to pay me much attention, so […]

lamas are a kind of ruminant–they chew their cuds. Morning, noon, or night, I could see my llamas just sitting quietly and chewing their cuds. What were they doing as their jaws moved in steady rhythm? I thought they were ruminating, in the second meaning of the word. As far back as Shakespeare’s time, ruminating […]

My imagination led me further afield. In my several years with llamas, I’d met many people who had a striking natural affinity for llamas. Often, their understanding of the animals was profound. If reincarnation was a reality, might some of us have had past lives with llamas? While I was open to the concept that […]

I imagined the story continuing; maybe I would write a trilogy. How were the mother and son received by their family, and by others in the llama community? Some ridiculed them, others thought they were dangerous or evil for turning to a spiritual tradition other than Christian, and still others wanted to blindly follow them. […]

Linda Rodgers and I took Thundercloud for a walk. He had been breeding with Lil Bit that week, and he didn’t want to leave his view of the ladies. He hummed and tried to turn back, pulling hard on the lead rope. Before breeding season, he had relished hiking, but it held no charms for […]

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