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There are thousands of llamas in this country now. They continue to grow in popularity as people discover their many uses: backpacking, showing, breeding, driving to cart, spinning the wool, and general enjoyment. There are several organizations devoted to llamas. The largest one, the International Llama Association, was sponsoring a conference in Sunriver, a resort […]

We had started saying, “We’re llama breeders,” when we acquired our first female. Now it was time to actually do some breeding. We waited until early May to breed so the baby would be born in warm weather the following year. We hadn’t seen any breeding or any births, so it was all rather abstract. […]

That night Posey and Whiskers slept at opposite ends of the pasture. Every time we looked the next day, they were apart. Gradually the distance between them decreased until they were only ten or twenty feet apart. After a couple of days of nothing happening, we took Whiskers back home. We remembered hearing that you […]

We weren’t sure if one breeding would have settled Posey, so we tried again. Posey sat down for Whiskers without our help. But she didn’t lift her tail. We tried to lift it. Whiskers seemed frustrated: he kept getting off Posey, then back on. Sometimes he mounted her backwards and sat down on her shoulders. […]

About a week later, Kelly had to go to California briefly. We didn’t think Juliet was due for another ten days, but she gave birth while I was home alone. Another normal birth–perhaps a little slow for my impatient tastes–and another girl, Blossom’s full sister. Our pastures were full of females, eight of them. With […]

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