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Late in the summer, Kelly’s three sisters came to visit, bringing most of their children. Our eight-year-old nephew Reb spent hours catching Tumbleweed and walking him around. Reb would let Tumbleweed go, only to catch him again five minutes later. Tumble became much easier to catch. One sultry afternoon we all went on a long […]

“Suppose we led people on day hikes with our llamas, right here at Juniper Ridge?” Kelly said to me one winter day. “It would be fun, and we could make part of our living. We could go out Llama Lane, and we could also go down to the lower part of the land.” I liked […]

Another afternoon, we took Tumbleweed out for a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail, which passed near our ranch. Tumbleweed was a steady, reliable hiker. On the trail, there were a number of stream crossings, something new to him. He took them with flying leaps, so I stayed well to one side and kept my […]

In June, we began doing the hikes. Ashland, a tourist destination because of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, was a good place to be doing them. We found that many of our guests were tourists; others were local people who often came when they had out-of-town guests to bring along. A car would drive in. The […]

Beyond these simple things, the surprising connections that were happening more and more in our lives often left me in awe. One July morning, only one person came on the brunch hike, as some other hikers cancelled. So Kathryn and I talked more personally than we might have otherwise. Within a few minutes, we realized […]

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