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“Levi is running by the fence,” Sally Taylor said. “He has a large spot on his leg–that’s how you can tell him from Balzac.” Both young llamas were creamy white with dark spots, like chocolate chip ice cream. I found it hard to believe that they were only two weeks old. Their ears moved in […]

After several weeks with Levi and Tumbleweed, we decided to become llama breeders. Our fascination with the animals, and our respect for them, was increasing as we learned more about our two. We were spending a lot of time with them, but their essential care didn’t take long. Breeding would be an enjoyable way to […]

We were looking for another female or two. It would take a number of years to develop a line of small llamas, if we could do it at all; we were eager to try. Much as we loved Posey, she wasn’t tiny. Her lovely looks and long wool would be assets in our herd, though. […]

We continued through the grounds, passing a gazebo and going through a gate that brought us out to the back lawn. There was our van, with Cider looking out the window. In the door stood a chow, its blue tongue showing as it barked at Cider. Ken quieted the dog and invited us in for […]

I liked Whiskers. “You’re a real charmer,” I said to him. Whiskers was listening to me. I felt more like the job applicant than like the employer. “If you come live with us we’ll take you hiking. You’ll live with a couple of other males, and next year you can breed Posey. Did you ever […]

Whiskers went willingly into our van, and we drove back to Safley’s. Ken was out, and Marge let us take our time. We looked at the small female’s parents and the two grandparents that were there. Kelly was ready to buy her, but I still needed to think more. I sat for a while by […]

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