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Clicking on the image above takes you to our t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, tote bags, notebooks, calendars, and more with this design.... Clicking on the image below takes you to all our llama designs on various items.


I used to have several pages of llama t-shirts here on the site but about 90% of the time, people bought this design. Here I show it in a junior t-shirt but it’s available on dozens of items. Click on the t-shirt or the link below it to see all the choices.

This is our llama Lil Bit, who is one of the main characters in my book Living with Llamas. And character she was — what a zest for life! Maybe wearing this llama t-shirt, or sweatshirt, or whatever, will brighten your spirits as it does mine!

Llama T-shirt

You can see all the things that this design is available on here: llama t-shirts and more at Cafepress.

Curious about some of our other llama t-shirt designs?This link will take you to them, or click on the image of Tumbleweed in the snow to see all our  images at Cafepress:


As I mention on the page about how to create your own t-shirts, when we had a llama hikes business on our llama ranch, we had a bunch of t-shirts made up at a local store in two designs.  We sold out of the popular sizes and ended up giving away most of the rest. But with Cafepress, the company that makes these, you can order as many as you want at a time, or as few, and they are immediately manufactured and shipped. Most of Kelly’s and my t-shirts now are made this way!

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