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When we had llamas, there was a lot of interest in these wonderful animals — and some of that interest had to do with how much money you might be able to make with them. After some years, the big money mostly moved on to alpacas. As a result, many people lost interest in llamas. This is reflected in the sparsity of websites

One of the few websites that is current is that of┬áRMLA.com — the Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Association, mainly in Colorado.

To find llama ranches in your area, do a google or other search engine search on llama ranch (singular) and the name of your state or region.

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2 Responses to “Llamas: A Few Other Resources”

  • Rosana says:

    Sorry, Robin, but I don’t have any specific ideas. Just be attentive to what they are communicating with body language. Hopefully things have already worked out some by now… this got lost in my emails…. Try asking some llama people in your area.

    Kudos to you for taking on these ladies.


  • Robin Sauls says:

    I had adopted three females, who’s elderly owner had passed on, and needed to be given a home. These three ladies had not been tended too, nor handled for almost three years. I got them lovely do’s, and their nails done, along with shots. I have separated the Lean-to stall’s one side for the two sheep, and the other for the ladies, they all eat out of the same crib.
    Today, my neighbor knock’s at my door- saying come out to see what I brought you, there in the drive way is another young Dame, she had been very abused/neglected. I accepted her, but the younger of my Dames did not. The eldest/Guard of the previous three seemed to take her under her tutelage-showing her about the place, but the Daughter on the Eldest, went to the front pasture in protest.
    I tried to coax this Dame to join the others, but no go. finally the original herd all joined up in the front pasture leaving the newbie by her self, I tried to have the newbie follow me to the front pasture, but she sadly stayed staring through the fence at the others. What can I do to help bring forward a family/herd cohesion?

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