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PLEASE NOTE THIS ISN’T AVAILABLE NEW FROM US ANY MORE, BUT YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO FIND A USED COPY. Can you handle your llamas? It’s a great feeling to know that in an emergency, or anytime, you can work with your llamas.  Llama training gives you this confidence.

Or–if you don’t have llamas but are thinking of it–would you like to know how to do these things?

You can learn about llama training from this DVD, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know.

Noted llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith has been training llamas for over 25 years. Her close attention to their behavior led her to develop training methods which are easy to use and respectful of the animals.

Now you can watch a couple of minutes of this video, right on the homepage of this site: Llama Training Video

Often llamas understand what you are asking of them after you have shown them only a few times. Once they understand, they tend to remember, much more quickly than dogs, for example.

Llamas are smart! Llama training can be tremendously enjoyable because of this. Bobra calls her workshops “Training Llamas for Willing Cooperation.”  Bobra and many alpaca owners have also used these techniques for training alpacas.

Would you like to try her techniques?

In just a few days, using Bobra Goldsmith’s llama training techniques, many people have trained llamas to:

  • accept a halter
  • walk easily with a lead rope
  • load into a vehicle
  • and perform other tasks.

We offer you the acclaimed two-hour program, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know.

We — well, mostly my husband Kelly Hart — produced this program, and we’ve sold hundreds of copies to llama owners all over the world. Now we do not sell it but maybe you can find a used copy someplace. Do note that since it was shot before digital video, the visual quality is not as good as it would be now. But the information is excellent.

“The program with Bobra Goldsmith has made an enormous impact on our training abilities. I am now able to halter and lead my llamas. I can’t say enough about this. It is incredible…

“I recommend it to everyone with llamas. It is a godsend to me. I tried so many things to get close to my llamas, but nothing worked till now. I am in heaven!!!”

–Linda Hann, USA, 2002

Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics for Training Llamas

On this DVD, Bobra provides information about llama training:

  • specific methods for initial contact
  • her “slow motion” technique of haltering
  • leading with a light hand
  • loading into vehicles
  • kushing
  • developing trust and willingness.

She works with both juvenile and adult llamas, including an untrained adult.

Bobra Goldsmith’s methods have been highly respected in the llama community for many years. She has been a mentor to many of us.

“Pioneer llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith… inspires with her words, sensitivity, and common sense wisdom.”

–Llama Life

“We don’t let anyone in the pens without viewing at least half the tape, so they can understand about how their own movements affect the llamas, the need to talk to them quietly, etc.”

— Llama owners, USA

The legal stuff: handle and train llamas at your own risk.

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