Our Llama Training DVDs

dvd-llama-training-bobra-goldsmithLlama Training with Bobra Goldsmith: What Every Llama Should Know. More about this DVD here. 2 hours, $39.95, our internet price $29.95 if you type in the Discount Code of 82R2625S.


Training Llamas to Drive, with Bobra Goldsmith. More about this DVD here. 2 hours, list price $39.95, our internet price $29.95 if you type in the discount code of 82R2625S. (The same code works for $10 off each llama DVD.)


These DVDs are quickly manufactured after you order them, through a company called Createspace, owned by Amazon.com. They ship world-wide and the DVDs are guaranteed to work in your DVD player.

Since we don’t carry them in stock, these orders can’t be combined with our book Living with Llamas.

Our Llama Book

The paperback version of Living with LlamasVirtually the full text of Living with Llamas is online here at this website, though without the photos. And you can download the ebook for free from this site. But there’s still something holding a book that makes for good reading!

Please note that the book comes to you from a different location than the DVDs, so you have to order it separately.

Living with Llamas: Tales from Juniper Ridge, book, list price $14.95, our price $12.00. Buy it now through Paypalby clicking below, and we will ship US priority mail.

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.. We are down to our last few dozen.

Our Best-Selling Llama T-Shirt

Click on the t-shirt to see a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bibs, etc., with this design. These are manufactured on demand by a company called Cafepress, and shipped worldwide, with a guarantee of satisfaction.