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Living with Llamas Ebook

This is where you can get  Living with Llamas: Tales from Juniper Ridge. It’s now available as a free downloadable ebook, in the common PDF format. Right-click here to download Living with Llamas. Then choose “save link as” or “save target as” and choose where you want to put the PDF file on your computer.

This book is the story of Rosana and Kelly Hart’s adventures with llamas, from the coming of Levi and Tumbleweed to the running of a day-hikes business and developing a breeding herd.

What happens as Rosana opens to deeper telepathic levels of connection with the animals, and the crisis that occurs when a dream comes true, provide the final tales in a fast-paced book that will charm and inform animal lovers.

This classic has introduced thousands of people to llamas. Facts about llamas and their care are woven into the narrative. The later part of the book also discusses Rosana’s  increasing ability to communicate telepathically with their llamas. The original photographs are included.

You can also read it all online, here on this website, but without any of the illustrations in the ebook. Here are tips for reading  Living with Llamas online.


“While few may have the chance to live with llamas, many can take vicarious pleasure in following the author’s experiences, related with warmth and humor.” — American Library Association Booklist.

“A look into the warm, touching, friendly, and funny emotions of one couple’s developing relationship with llamas. Those who don’t have ‘llama fever’ can get some insight into what it is like. A must-read for anyone just getting into raising llamas.” — Llamas Magazine


“I cried, I laughed, I learned, and now I’m sold on llamas.”

“Received the book Friday afternoon, stayed up till 12:30 AM to finish it on Saturday morning. What more can I say?”

“Thank you for writing such a warm account of your life with llamas — I think, perhaps, if I hadn’t read it, I wouldn’t have my lovely llamas now!”

“We’ve read most of it twice — aloud to each other!”

“It is highly readable, filled with good info and very entertaining. It is really an asset to the llama world. I will refer back to it many times and will definitely offer it as a chief reference to interested people.”

“After checking out your book from the library simply to learn about how much upkeep would be involved, I immediately read it… front to back. Upon finishing, I knew I was about to embark on an adventure. Being a true city slicker prior to our move here, I look forward to having your book nearby when my “boys” arrive next spring. Thank you for the book and for starting our family on a wonderful adventure!”

Living with Llamas is a beautiful little book, with delightful content embellished by humor.”

“Living with Llamas is so warm and real to me; I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading and rereading all that you’ve written. I can sense your devotion and respect to an ancient and dignified animal.”

“We thoroughly enjoyed Living with Llamas. Besides the great photos, we liked the way you said what has been in our minds at one time or another but were afraid to say. We have all had hesitations and questions about our llamas but so often are afraid to admit we don’t know what we are doing. It is refreshing to see it in print.”

Living with Llamas is a book I recommend for new llama owners. It is full of information, presented in a delightful story form.”

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Living with Llamas Ebook

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