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There are many tales that could be told of Elk Hill. Linda and Nelson seem to have truly found their right livelihood in llamas. In recent years, as their own herd has grown, they have known the grief of losing beloved animals, the frustration of females with pregnancy problems–and the countless moments of delight that come from living with llamas. At present they are excited about the birth of their first female baby and the acquisition of a stunning new stud they’re purchasing with friends.

Throughout the llama community there are stories unfolding. Llamas are touching the hearts of an increasing number of new llama owners. There are yarns to be spun about the interesting ways that people and llamas are coming to understand each other more fully. Penelope Smith has been doing a lot with llamas and their owners. She tells me that she has now met several llamas with Posey’s type of energy.

Another wonderful communication tool is TEAM, a very gentle, respectful way of relating to animals which Marty McGee and other llama owners have adapted to use with llamas. Last year, Kelly made a videotape with Marty at Stanlynn Daugherty’s ranch. I was helping, but on the first day of taping I had to retreat to our van for a crying spell. The delicate dance between Marty and the llamas was fulfilling potential that I had sensed but never reached.

“Do you miss living with llamas?” friends often ask.

There’s not a simple answer to that question. Yes, I miss my llama friends. When we moved to town, I couldn’t even bear to go see our animals for a while. But it feels right that we left Juniper Ridge. The pain I felt when we moved has given way to a realization that the llamas live in me. Their serenity continues to soothe me. Their herd interactions, which have so charmed and amused me, have given me a larger view of human herd interactions. I sometimes think of our males’ territoriality when I watch the evening news.

Every llama I’ve owned has increased my awareness of what it’s like to be a llama, and by extension, what it’s like to be alive. I’ve learned that we humans are part of a much vaster community than I had realized. I may not be living with llamas, but I am still learning from them.

When Kelly and I decided to leave Juniper Ridge, we could bear to give up a life we loved very much because we both felt that we were somehow making space for an even greater love to come into our lives. We didn’t know what forms it might take, and now, almost three years after leaving the ranch, it’s beginning to manifest. Kelly is refurbishing an old electric van, and if he can extend its range enough, we may travel around in it, writing and videotaping about our adventures. We are going to Mexico soon, to make a videotape about children. Before we met, Kelly and I both had dreams of world travel, doing things that would help bridge the gaps between nations.

We haven’t lived these dreams out yet, but they are coming closer. We’ve joked that we should name the next llamas born to us “Passport” and “Visa” to create a mindset that would make it easier for us to sell them!

When I ruminate now on the years with our llamas, I feel again the love that the animals evoked in me. It is no longer so attached to particulars; free of form, it fills new spaces, gives me courage for new adventures.

As I have let my love for the llamas deepen, along with it has come a greater sadness at the state of our world. Llamas, along with all other beings on earth, are in peril. I don’t need to list the dangers; who hasn’t heard about them? I spent years feeling that there was little I could do. But now I am compelled to do whatever I can. If Linda and Nelson keep nurturing llamas, if Penelope and Marty keep helping humans and animals to communicate more fully, if Kelly keeps making videotapes, if I keep telling my tales, and if others do whatever they are most deeply moved to do, what can we all create together?

I hold a skein of Lil Bit’s wool in my hand. It’s now a lovely, multi-hued yarn. What will I make of it?

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