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18: Spinning Llama Yarns, Page 2
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“For a long time after we left Juniper Ridge, I missed watching you and Kelly. Through you, I got glimpses into the consciousness of humans. It seems very, very strange to me. It must be hard to be a human. Kelly seems more like us llamas than you do. He draws a lot of energy from the earth. I think you are more like Posey.

“But people seem so separate from each other. They don’t touch minds in the ways we llamas do. Isn’t that lonely? What’s the point of having language and all your material things if you live all the time so alone?”

“It’s hard to explain, Lil. Sometimes I wonder about that myself. We have the capability of being closer to each other than we often are, and there are parts of the world where the people do have more of a group mind. But there are many things we can learn from this way of being that you can’t learn as a llama.”

Lil Bit didn’t seem overly impressed. “I love being here at Elk Hill where there are so many llamas. The group mind has such a wonderful texture. I love Linda and Nelson too. They are fun to watch. If it weren’t for Linda, I would not have gotten pregnant again.”

Linda had an incredibly strong conviction that Lil Bit could have more babies. She had worked tenaciously with Lil and with her veterinarian before a pregnancy had held. Now Lil was about seven months pregnant.

I have amassed a big pile of clean wool, enough to do some spinning. I’m just learning to spin, and sometimes, when everything is going smoothly, the movement of the spinning wheel induces reveries.

Stories, told and untold, flow through my mind like the wool through my fingers. I think of our llamas, living now at Elk Hill. When we go out to visit them, they greet us with long, steady gazes. Blossom and Thundercloud, especially, just stand and look at us for what seems a very long time. We can tell they are all happy at Elk Hill, but it’s wonderful to feel once again that special connection.

There are yarns that could be spun about the babies that have been born since our herd went to live with Linda and Nelson. Isa, Blossom’s first daughter, was a little premature and kept Linda up all night. I was glad to miss that marathon. Not that we missed it entirely–Kelly and I were visualizing that the little one would thrive. When she did, we took Thai food out to Elk Hill to celebrate, starting an enjoyable tradition.

We next bred Blossom to Bogart, a Chilean import known for his personality and looks. He died unexpectedly, and Blossom produced one of his last daughters. Miss Behavin’ is growing into one of our nicest llamas.

Lally had Thundercloud’s first baby, a girl who epitomized everything we’d been breeding for. She inherited her father’s presence and her mother’s fondness for humans. Linda and Nelson liked Jasmine so much that they bought her from us. It was hard to sell her, but Lally is due soon to have another Thundercloud baby.

Perestroika, the last llama born at Juniper Ridge, is almost to the end of her first pregnancy. She’s been very interested in babies all her life; Linda thinks Perry will be wild with joy at having one of her very own. Perestroika is also bred to Thundercloud.

He has his own field right next to them, where he can keep his eye on everything.
Posey had an all-black son from Whiskers, and has since had another son, a beautiful almost all-white one from Bogart. We sold her to a friend who has known and loved her all her life, someone who appreciated her special energy. He reports that she’s fine. She lives in high mountains again.

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