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17: A Dream, Page 4
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Kelly and I went outside and talked to Posey. Kelly told her that he would like her to stay but he would respect her choice, and that she had the choice. He told her that he loved her a lot.

“Posey, I really want you to stay,” I began. “I know it’s hard for you to stay. It’s often hard for people as well. Part of me would just like to take off with you out into the world of spirit, and be done with all the muck of this world. But remember the shapes of relationships, Posey, remember how wonderful it can be here.”

As I talked, Posey was walking the fence, turning and looking at us with her beautiful, feminine face. She was very clear and alert.

“I wish you would stay for the pleasure you give other people, like Linda and Nelson, and for the babies you could bring. You know you love your babies. And you could have some with your spirit, and they could help people. I’d love for you to have more babies. But it’s your choice. If you feel you must go, I release you, Posey. If you are going to go, please do it here so we can bury you next to Renny. We don’t want to have you go through a lot of confusion at Davis and then die–that would be horrible. And we won’t sell you now–if you stay alive, you’ll go out to Elk Hill with Lil Bit and the others.

“If you are here tomorrow, then we are going to act on the assumption that you want to stay. If you need vet care to assist your healing, fine, we’ll give it to you.”

If she would have allowed a hug, I would have given her one. Instead, we gave her some apple leaves. Then we went for a walk with the dogs. I felt peaceful for the first time all day. What would be, would be.

The night before, I had wished aloud that there was an old Fred Astaire movie on television. Tonight there was, Kelly reported, so we settled down to watch it. It was good to get our minds off our lives. When it was over, we started dancing around the house. Kelly even did a few steps on the living room table.

I didn’t check Posey after dark, but when I woke the next morning I went right to my study window. Little Perry was sitting chewing her cud just beyond a big tree. Posey was lying stretched out on her side, her head on the ground.

Had she really done it, then? Had she just gone, like Renny did?

I watched closely. Was that a twitch of a leg? She picked her head up, and I was flooded with joy. “Posey, you’re here, you’re still here!” I cried out. She got up and walked briskly to another place, where she sat down. As I watched, she chewed her cud a little.

I couldn’t yet believe that she had really decided to stay and would now get well. That would have to play itself out. I couldn’t encompass all the implications of the kind of communication Penelope spoke of. I was well aware that on one level, the level of observation, nothing was much changed. Yet that level itself is but one aspect of reality, and making it the primary reality has been a real problem for our civilization. I rejoiced and hoped.

Posey did recover; there were no further episodes. We bred her to Whiskers, who had sired Renaissance. It took only one breeding to get her pregnant.

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