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We went in the house for some tea, welcome after being out in the spring winds. As dusk fell, Penelope continued with Cider, our Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. She told us that Cider was quite an incredible being who had adventures on other levels of consciousness.

Then she turned her attention to Teddy Bear, our Australian Shepherd. As she did, he suddenly started trembling. His eyes glazed over and the trembling became stronger. He tried to walk but his legs wouldn’t move. Penelope immediately stopped telepathic contact, and told Kelly to hold him.

“It’s okay, little guy, you’ll be fine,” Kelly reassured him. Penelope and I left Kelly and dog, while we went into another room and met our house cat. When we came back, Teddy had returned to normal consciousness.

“Now he’s telling me something,” Penelope said. “He’s saying, ‘I just want to be a dog. I got scared by what you said about Cider travelling to other realms. I want to stay right here, to love and be loved.’ ”

Teddy had never had a seizure before. In the years since, he has had a few more, often seeming to be triggered by fear. It was striking that he had one at that very moment.

After Penelope and Michel left, we talked about what had happened. Kelly, Linda, and I were all impressed with Penelope’s perceptions. I felt as though a door were opening into realms I had yearned to see. There had been enough specific, accurate comments to make all of us feel that Penelope was really communicating telepathically with the animals.

About a week later, Blossom’s baby was stillborn, probably as a reaction to Rompun, the general anesthetic the vet had used when operating on her. I wondered if the baby had been all right when Penelope had been there, or if she had missed something. In any case, I decided, I was glad I hadn’t known of the problem, as there would have been nothing I could do but worry. And I was all too good at that.

A few months later, Kelly and I began working with Penelope on a videotape called Telepathic Communication with Animals. As Kelly interviewed people Penelope had worked with and as he edited the video footage, he became increasingly open to the realities Penelope described. Often he would comment that one of our animals wanted something or was thinking of something.

I too was opening up, though less than Kelly. I was often frustrated that my skeptical mind still seemed to get in the way of the process. But then, my mind was working overtime. We were looking at some big changes.

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