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Our experiences with llama training were shaped by our good fortune to meet Bobra Goldsmith, and we have used her methods primarily. There are quite a few other good resources online for llama training, and here I will describe two that belong to old friends of mine and one newer one. [1] An old friend […]

When we had llamas, there was a lot of interest in these wonderful animals — and some of that interest had to do with how much money you might be able to make with them. After some years, the big money mostly moved on to alpacas. As a result, many people lost interest in llamas. […]

Okay, okay, by popular demand! I see by the logs of what people search for when they come to this website that some of them are looking for The Llama Song, otherwise known as “Llama Llama Duck.” I first heard about it from a friend whose young children (and wife too, I think) were addicted […]

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