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These photos from our DVD Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith show that llamas can at times resist what you want them to do. Bobra is just giving the llama enough space, and she is hanging on. This was an untrained adult; click on the DVD title to find out more about the program. As you […]

Training a llama to accept a halter consists of a series of moves that you do, generally in slow motion so as not to alarm the llama. Here you see a series of photographs which I took from our DVD, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith.  The photo quality isn’t ideal on a few of them, […]

It’s a really good idea to move slowly when you are training a llama.In this article, I will explain why.  We will explore the situation of catching a llama who is in a field so that you can halter him. We’ll call this llama Thundercloud, because my husband and I used to have a llama […]

Llamas are very intelligent animals who can learn many things, and it is easy to train them. Every llama should know some basics: 1. To allow you to halter him quickly and easily. 2. To walk along with you when on a leash, keeping the leash loose. 3. To jump into a van, pickup, or […]

Can you handle your  llamas? It’s a great feeling to know that in an emergency, or anytime, you can work with your llamas.  Llama training gives you this confidence. Or–if you don’t have llamas but are thinking of it–would you like to know how to do these things? You can learn a tremendous amount about […]

The minute-by-minute listing of the contents of this llama training DVD, from initial contact and haltering a llama to a complete training sequence.

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