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The other evening, my husband watched a movie that so much evoked what we went through with one of our llama births. He told me the plot, and I immediately wanted to blog about it and spread the word, even before I get around to watching it myself! It reminded me of the time that […]

A while ago I edited a short online video from our two-hour program, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith. I had a DVD of the program and after some googling, I found a video editing program that would import that file. So after watching some of it, I made a short llama training video to put […]

I’ve been submitting my freeĀ  ebook, Living with Llamas, to someĀ  free directories around the internet. It’s been a fair amount of work to find them so I thought I would list some of them here, for other writers. Some of these directories may list ebooks for sale too but I wasn’t really paying attention. […]

Now a Free PDF Ebook!

Living with Llamas Ebook

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