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I’ve been submitting my freeĀ  ebook, Living with Llamas, to someĀ  free directories around the internet. It’s been a fair amount of work to find them so I thought I would list some of them here, for other writers.

Some of these directories may list ebooks for sale too but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was looking for professionally done directories of free ebooks that I could submit mine to without charge. So that’s what these links are to, in no particular order.

Hunt’s Ebook Directory – Ebook & Writing Related Links.

The Ebook directory — offering thousands of free ebooks

eBook Directory

eBook Directory

eLibrary – Open Ebooks Directory – includes most of the ebooks sold on the internet. Free for addition of one’s own ebooks.


Published.Com a Free directory listing service for authors

Ecourseweb.com — for ecourses and ebooks

4 Responses to “Some Free Ebook Directories”

  • BILL MOCHA says:

    Ok Rosana, we’ll try to be more patient!! Thanks for replying.

  • Rosana says:

    Brings back old times, Bill! We had problems like that too. Eventually our llamas figured it out but it did take a while!

  • BILL MOCHA says:

    I recently brought home a 2 year old male llama to breed my 3 year old virgin female. I have had him for about a week and they just ignore each other. They are in an 8 acre pasture with no other llamas. There are some mini horses,goats and donkeys. Why don’t they breed?

  • You can find an extensive ebook directory list here: http://www.ebookfreeway.com/p-compiler-review.html that has information about listing in ebook directories and terms of these directories.

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