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The other evening, my husband watched a movie that so much evoked what we went through with one of our llama births. He told me the plot, and I immediately wanted to blog about it and spread the word, even before I get around to watching it myself!

It reminded me of the time that we had a baby llama who wouldn’t nurse. We watched the bonding between him and his mother weaken hour by hour. We got very stressed about how much we should feed him to keep him alive! That link takes you to where I begin the story. It continues with the baby llama still not nursing, our questioning whether we should bottle feed the baby llama, and what finally happens.

Here is what Kelly wrote for me:

This wonderful film feels like a real documentary, but actually was scripted and the parts were played by actors. It tells the story of a nomadic Mongolian family who raise camels. The last of their pregnant camels to give birth during the birthing season had a very difficult labor lasting nearly two days. In the end they had to intervene and help pull out the colt. Unfortunately the mother refused to bond with the infant after all of this travail, so the drama continues with trying to save the baby. Eventually they have to call in a violinist to help perform a ceremony…but I won’t give the ending away.

You can watch it online at http://www.netflix.com/Movie/The_Story_of_the_Weeping_Camel/60037341?trkid=931747
if you join and there is a no-cost trial. You do have to be in the US, or maybe some other countries too.

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