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A while ago I edited a short online video from our two-hour program, Llama Training with Bobra Goldsmith. I had a DVD of the program and after some googling, I found a video editing program that would import that file. So after watching some of it, I made a short llama training video to put on YouTube and other video sites and to put on the homepage of this site — that’s where the link takes you.

It’s been over twenty years since we made the program, and a good long time we’ve lived with llamas. Working on the makeover of this website over the past weeks has brought back that very special era in my life. Working on the video brought tears to my eys, as I watched our llama Lil Bit interact with Bobra, our nephew Reb (then a child) seriously lead a llama, and more. The tears were of gratitude, with maybe a tiny tinge of regret that we have left that part of our lives behind. But we have done a bunch of wonderful things since, so the sadness was fleeting. But  how beautiful our ranch was! How alive and interested the llamas are!

When we made the program with Bobra, I was really fascinated with learning as much about llama training as I could. I worked with our llamas — okay, more in good weather than in bad! I thought about the principles.  I never became truly great at it like Bobra was, but I did have a lot of joyous moments, some of them training successes and some of them just good because of the pleasure of doing something with a llama.

Well, life has taken us in quite a few directions since then, and one thing that followed directly from llama training was my increased skill over time at training dogs — that link takes you to my large website on the topic.  I’ve always trained my dogs and in the past few years I’ve immersed myself a lot more in the topic. I’ve learned a lot about clicker training dogs — there is even a free ebook I wrote, Seven Steps to Clicker Training Success, on that site.

Clicker training llamas has developed since we had llamas, and that makes perfect sense to me. Llama, dog, human, dolphin — we all learn in such similar ways! People have sometimes asked me which is better,  the methods that Bobra taught or  clicker training.  I always say that the best method is the one that you get out in the pasture and do. And really, it isn’t a matter of either/or.  It’s both/and… learn about llama training from everywhere that you can!

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