Would you like information on llamas and llama training?

Here you can watch a couple of minutes from the program we made with llama trainer Bobra Goldsmith. (The program itself is no longer sold, despite what this little video says at its end.)

Also, we offer you on this website:

  1. An article on llama training.
  2. Living with Llamas: Tales from Juniper Ridge is the story of our experiences, with a lot of information on llamas woven into the story. It has introduced thousands of people to llamas and is our all-time best-seller of all the books and videos that we have ever published. It’s available to read online here on this site. but better yet, it’s also now available as a free ebook that you can download.
  3. Llama t-shirts
  4. Tips on how to create your own t-shirts, with llamas or whatever on them

A friend feeds our llama Lil Bit while Posey looks on